Myrrh resin


  • Timeless Tranquility: Immerse yourself in the ageless tranquility of Myrrh Resin. Let the rich and earthy aroma wash over you, guiding you into a state of deep relaxation and peaceful contemplation.
  • Grounding Essence: Experience the grounding power of Myrrh. Its warm and woody scent anchors your senses, helping you find balance amidst the demands of modern life.
  •  Spiritual Connection: Elevate your spiritual practice with the essence of Myrrh Resin. Used for centuries in sacred rituals, Myrrh enhances meditation, prayer, and mindfulness, inviting you to connect with your inner self.
  • Emotional Restoration: Allow the healing properties of Myrrh to envelop you. Its soothing scent has the potential to alleviate stress and promote emotional well-being, guiding you towards inner harmony.
  • Cleansing Energy: Transform your space with the purifying energy of Myrrh Resin. Ignite the resin to clear away negativity, leaving your surroundings refreshed and infused with positive vibes.
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Unveil the tranquil power of Myrrh Resin. Immerse yourself in its grounding essence, enhance your rituals, and connect with the profound wisdom of ancient practices. Elevate your well-being and surroundings as you embrace the serene embrace of Myrrh’s timeless aroma. Myrrh resin is a natural gum obtained from the sap of the Commiphora tree, mainly found in its natural habitat of Somalia. It has been used for thousands of years for its various medicinal, aromatic, and ceremonial purposes around the world.


  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Enhance your meditation sessions with the grounding scent of Myrrh Resin. Let its aroma create a serene backdrop for your inner exploration and spiritual growth.
  • Relaxation Rituals: Create a haven of relaxation in your home. Burn Myrrh Resin to unwind after a long day, enveloping yourself in its calming embrace and leaving stress behind.
  • Spiritual Ceremonies: Elevate your spiritual ceremonies with the timeless essence of Myrrh. Whether it’s a moment of reflection, a prayer, or a special ritual, let the resin amplify the significance of the occasion.
  • Personalized Blends: Explore your creativity by blending Myrrh Resin with other complementary scents. Craft your unique aromatic experience that resonates with your intentions and desires.
  • Cleansing Spaces: Transform your living environment into a sanctuary. Burn Myrrh Resin to clear out stagnant energy and create an atmosphere of renewal and positivity.
  • Gift of Serenity: Share the gift of serenity with loved ones. Myrrh Resin is a thoughtful present for anyone seeking moments of calm and connection in their daily life.
  • celebration and Rituals: Mark special occasions with the aromatic power of Myrrh Resin. Ignite it during celebrations to create an ambiance of spiritual significance and positive energy.


Myrrh Resin (Commophora Myrrha )
NET WT 2 oz (58 grams)
Origin: Somalia


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